Family Tree of Pete Bradshaw and Wendy Offen, Durham, England

John Hutchins

Person 00076537

? Christened possibly 21/08/1715 at Haddenham, Cambs (H)
? Father: William Hutchinson (1690)
? Mother: Mary Nightingale (1690)
or 1719 March to Robert?

Married 29/09/1741 at Sutton, Cambs (MY)
to Martha Bodger (1722)

from 1744 at Sutton, Cambs ()

Funeral 06/08/1802 at Sutton, Cambs (B)

Mary Hutchinson (1744)
John Hutchings (1748)
?Sarah Hutchins (1750)
?William Hutchinson (1753)
Robert Hutchinson (1759)
John Hutchins
William Hutchinson (1690)
Mary Nightingale (1690)

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