Family Tree of Pete Bradshaw and Wendy Offen, Durham, England

Kezia Ellwood

Person 00025923

Born 1834 at Sutton, Cambs (C)
Father: William Ellwood (1806)
Mother: Kezia Hutchinson (1811)

1840 at Mepal, Cambs ()

1841 at Welches Dam, Cambs (C)
Kessia, 6

1842 at Mepal, Cambs ()

1848 at Mepal, Cambs ()
father died

April 1851 at Chatteris, Cambs (C)
Keziah Elwood,16, unmarried servant from Sutton, with Thomas and Ann Hall, High Street draper and grocer

Married 20/11/1855 at Sutton, Cambs (RC)
to William Bradshaw (1826)
Dec 1855 Ely District 3b/1325
Married at Baptist Meeting House, Sutton, before the registrar, William Cuttriss. William, bachelor, 28, journeyman baker, son of
benjamin, carpenter; Kezia, spinster, 22, daughter of William, ag lab. Witnesses John Randall and (sister) Martha Bradshaw .

from 1857 at Sutton, Cambs (H)

1861 at Stretham, Cambs (C)
age 27, baker's wife

from 1862 at Stretham, Cambs (F)

1871 at Stretham, Cambs (C)
Kezia, age 37, baker's wife from Sutton

1881 at Stretham, Cambs (C)
age 48 with family at bakery

1886 at Stretham, Cambs ()
husband died

1891 at Stretham, Cambs (C)
on "Road to Tunnel", 56, widow "living on own means" with 3 children at home, and maid Eliza Saddler, 14

1901 at Ely, Cambs (C)
widow, 66, with maid, no kids

1911 at Stretham, Cambs (C)
75, widow, alone, living on private means, mother of 6 live and 4 dead children, no address given (4 room house)

Funeral 18/05/1921 at Stretham, Cambs (TB)
gravestone in churchyard - age 86
certified by W T Rayner

Martha Bradshaw (1856)
Anna Bradshaw (1857)
Emma Bradshaw (1859)
Arthur William Bradshaw (1862)
Benjamin Herbert Bradshaw (1864)
Julia Bradshaw (1866)
Charles Bradshaw (1868)
Alfred Bradshaw (1870)
Harry Elwood Bradshaw (1873)
Percival (Percy) Bradshaw (1877)
Kezia Ellwood
William Ellwood (1806)
William Ellwood (1778)
Ephraim Ellard (1754)
Ann Murden (1782)
William Murden (1752)
Mary ? (1750)
Kezia Hutchinson (1811)
James Hutchins (1776)
John Hutchings (1747)
Elizabeth Moulson (1747)
Alice Pamplin (1779)

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