Family Tree of Pete Bradshaw and Wendy Offen, Durham, England

Ephraim Ellwood

Person 00016392

Born 1813 at Oxlode, Downham (CH)
Father: William Ellwood (1778)
Mother: Ann Murden (1782)

Christened 03/09/1826 at Sutton, Cambs (IH)
age 13

1835 at Sutton, Cambs (M)

Married 20/11/1835 at Sutton, Cambs (CI)
to Rebecca Geeson (1810)
bachelor and spinster Rebecca Geesome by banns

1841 at Sutton, Cambs (C)
watchmaker, 27, with lodger (wife and kids in Haddenham)

1844 at Sutton, Cambs (H)

1849 at Sutton, Cambs (H)

1850 at Sutton, Cambs (S)
watchmaker, bought land in Sutton

1851 at Sutton, Cambs (C)
watchmaker, 37, with Rebecca and kids

1861 at Sutton, Cambs (C)
watch maker and farmer, 48, wife and 2 kids and father in law

1871 at Sutton, Cambs (C)
60, innkeeper and farmer, with wife and son

Married 04/05/1875 at Sutton, cambs (IR)
to Mary Syddell (1825)

1881 at Sutton, Cambs (C)
surveyor, etc., 68, with wife and granddaughter Eliza Clark

1891 at Sutton, Cambs (C)
widowed farmer, 77, from Oxlode, with housekeeper

? possibly 1894 at Sutton, Cambs (S)
conditional surrender of land (inc Fountain Public House)

Funeral 23/07/1896 at Sutton, Cambs (RB)
age 87 - 3b/307

Sarah Ellwood (1838)
Charles Ellwood (1840)
Richard Geeson Ellwood (1844)
Bill Ellwood (1848)
Ephraim Ellwood
William Ellwood (1778)
Ephraim Ellard (1754)
Francis Ellard (1723)
Ann Burton (1723)
Ann Murden (1782)
William Murden (1752)
? Murden (1730)
Mary ? (1750)

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