Family Tree of Pete Bradshaw and Wendy Offen, Durham, England

Mahalah Chambers

Person 00001898

Born 23/10/1832 or 24/10/1832 at Coveney, Cambs (IH)
Father: William Byddal Chambers (1809)
Mother: Kezia Sanders (1809)

Christened 21/06/1834 at Coveney, Cambs (IH)
age 1

1841 at ? (C)

1846 at Coveney, Cambs ()
mother died

1847 at Sutton, Cambs ()
father remarried

1851 at Coveney, Cambs (C)
18, Dressmaker, with sister Hannah at grandmother Jemima's

1857 at Coveney, Cambs ()
father died

Married 21/12/1858 at Coveney, Cambs (MR)
to Joseph Macer (1836)
Ely District 3b/1243
Joseph, farmer, Coveney, son of Joseph, farmer, and Mahala, Coveney, daughter of William Biddal Chambers, farmer, married at
Coveney parish church, by the rector, Alf Ivatt, witnessed by Charles S Macer and Sarah Naomi Chambers

from 1860 at Wardy Hill, Coveney, Cambs ()

1861 at Wardy Hill, Coveney, Cambs (C)
28, with husband

1871 at Wardy Hill, Coveney, Cambs (C)

1881 at Wardy Hill, Coveney, Cambs (C)
age 48

1891 at Wardy Hill, Coveney, Cambs (C)

1901 at Wardy Hill, Coveney, Cambs (C)
age 68

1911 at Wardy Hill, Coveney, Cambs (C)
78, married 52 years, mother of 7 live and 3 dead children,

1914 at Wardy Hill ()
husband died

Died 29/07/1924 at Wardy Hill, Coveney, Cambs (T)
age 91 - buried at Coveney.

?William Charles Macer (1859)
Hannah Macer (1860)
Edith Macer (1862)
Theresa Macer (1864)
Maude Augusta Macer (1866)
Clara Macer (1867)
Bertha Irene Macer (1868)
Joseph Ernest Macer (1870)
Ada Mahala Macer (1871)
Kate Macer (1873)
Mahalah Chambers
William Byddal Chambers (1809)
Byddal Chambers (1772)
John Chambers (1738)
Mary Nix (1738)
Jemima Vinter (1774)
John Vinter (1743)
Hannah Wilson (1743)
Kezia Sanders (1809)
Jonathan Saunders (1781)
Robert Saunders (1752)
Frances Hutton (1746)
Kezia Harris (1779)
John Harris (1749)
Hannah Cornall (1755)

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