Family Tree of Pete Bradshaw and Wendy Offen, Durham, England

John Ellwood

Person 00001524

Born around 1810 at Sutton, Cambs (C)
Father: William Ellwood (1778)
Mother: Ann Murden (1782)
brother of William 1813

Married 30/09/1833 at Sutton, Cambs (MY)
to Ann Roberts (1814)

1834 at Sutton, Cambs (H)

1841 at Sutton, Cambs (C)
ag lab, 30, wife and kids

1851 at Sutton, Cambs (C)
ag lab, 40, with wife and 5 kids, and sister in law Kezia, next door to William and Mary Roberts (inlaws)

Married September 1857 at Ely District, Cambs (CR)
to Mary Pratt (1826)

1861 at Sutton, Cambs (C)
ag lab, 46, from Sutton, with wife and 6 kids

1871 at Sutton, Cambs (C)
farm labourer, 57, wife and kids

Funeral 23/03/1880 at Sutton, Cambs (RB)
age 71, 3b/411

George Ellwood (1834)
William Ellwood (1836)
John Ellwood (1840)
Ephraim Ellwood (1841)
Ephraim Ellwood (1842)
John Ellwood (1845)
Kezia Ellwood (1849)
Dennis (Charles) Ellwood (1851)
Sarah Ellwood (1854)
Emily Ellwood (1857)
Elizabeth Pratt Ellwood (1858)
Joseph Ellwood (1860)
Charles Ellwood (1862)
Elizabeth Ellwood (1863)
Walter Ellwood (1865)
Ada Ellwood (1868)
John Ellwood
William Ellwood (1778)
Ephraim Ellard (1754)
Francis Ellard (1723)
Ann Burton (1723)
Ann Murden (1782)
William Murden (1752)
? Murden (1730)
Mary ? (1750)

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