Family Tree of Pete Bradshaw and Wendy Offen, Durham, England

Benjamin Bradshaw

Person 00001502

Born 20/09/1795 at Sutton, Cambs (H)
Father: Benjamin Bradshaw (1761)
Mother: Ann Earl (1761)

1797 at Sutton, Cambs ()
father died

1824 at Sutton, Cambs ()
mother died

Married 14/03/1826 at Sutton, Cambs (HM)
to Hannah Howsden (1803)
Benjamin, bachelor & Hannah (x), spinster, both of this parish, married by banns by Hicks Deacle. Witnesses George Gifford, Mary
Bradshaw (x), John Clay

November 1826 at Sutton, Cambs (H)

1829 at Sutton, Cambs (H)

1836 at Sutton, Cambs ()
wife died

1841 at Sutton, Cambs (C)
ag lab, 45, lodging with others at the house of Robert and Mary Cheesewright (publicans) on Bury Lane

1851 at Sutton, Cambs (C)
56, widowed ag lab still lodging with Robert and Mary Cheesewright on Bury Lane

1855 at Sutton, Cambs (M)

1856 at Sutton, Cambs (M)
basket maker

1861 at Sutton, Cambs (C)
widower, ag lab, 65, lodger with Cheesewrights in Bury Lane

Died December 1870 at Ely District, Cambs (R)
age 76, 3b/398

William Bradshaw (1826)
Martha Bradshaw (1829)
?Abraham Bradshaw (1833)
Benjamin Bradshaw
Benjamin Bradshaw (1761)
William Bradshaw (1730)
Robert Bradshaw (1696)
Thomasin Goats (1694)
Mary Gimbert (1734)
Thomas Gimbert (1708)
Mary Attlesea (1715)
Ann Earl (1761)
William Earle (1730)
Mary Aspland (1730)

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