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Who were Mercy Rash, Surrender Offen, Lettice Gotobed, Flowers Allpress, Fyll Tubb and Mary Christmas..?

This is the family tree for Pete Bradshaw and Wendy Offen of Durham, England.

Find your link to our family in the complete alphabetical index of names.

The bulk of this material was researched over many years by Pete's dad, the late Maurice Bradshaw, through interviews, the study of memorabilia and searches of parish records and censuses. We have added to this from the IGI and from the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 censuses of England and Wales, the general register office indexes plus other bits and pieces picked up on the web.

Particular thanks is given to those who provided us with details from their own research into their own families, especially: Cave, Lecomber, Macer, Offen, Skelton, Skerman, Vinter, Waddelow and Wilderspin.
We are particularly concerned for the accuracy of those families where we have more comprehensive coverage, e.g. Wilderspin, Skerman, Eversden, Nix, Offen, Lecomber, Muncey, Holdstock (Beds), Tanton (Yorks), Hasnip (Lincs), Waddelow (Cambs), Archer (Warks), Bradshaw (Cambs),... And all families living in Sutton, Cambs

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if you have any comments on details of the family tree, particular if you can point out any errors.

Current burning issues are the birth details of: William Skelton (1767), John Bennett (1780), Houlbrooke Ashton (1810), Henry Cowdery (1805), William Ellwood (1813) and William Bradshaw (married Martha Atkinson 1745).

We have published here every bit of information we have which links to us in some way. Some of this we know is unproven, and this should be indicated by the word "possibly" or a question mark. Sometimes we have included alternative parents, or totally hypothetical ones, purely as a means of including more names on the website. All dates are English style - dd/mm/yyyy. For dates in Jan-Mar prior to the moving of the year end from March to December in 1752 the higher number year has been used if possible; some of these dates will be a year out, depending how you look at it. Birth years derived from census returns try to estimate the most likely year, e.g. someone who is 4 in 1851 would be given as born in 1846. Other "birth" dates given are actually the last month of the quarter year of registration, e.g. someone born at the end of March might be registered in April and therefore have their birth given as June. To respect people's privacy no details are given of persons born within the last 100 years and not known to have died.










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